Andrew grew up in Valrico and attended University of Tampa. During Andrew’s service as Student Body President in the 2008-2009 academic year, they received the Organization of the Year Award for their growth and achievements by the Board of Trustees. Andrew received his Bachelor of Arts as a double major in Economics and Government and World Affairs in 2009.


After graduation, Andrew enlisted in the United States Navy, serving until 2013. In his role as a Boarding Officer, Andrew led small teams on boarding operations throughout two deployments to the Middle East. Andrew held positions as Officer of the Deck, Command Duty Officer and Division Officer, garnering supervisory experience and increasing responsibilities. In 2014, as Lieutenant, Andrew transitioned to the United States Navy Reserves.

When Andrew returned home, he decided to start his own small business as owner and director of GradePower Learning in Valrico. GradePower Learning has been awarded by its 130 center, nationwide franchise system with the “Bright Horizon Award” for the #1 new franchise in 2014. In 2016, Andrew’s Valrico location earned the President’s Award. Andrew has also been personally recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2014 as an Up & Comer Under 30.

In 2016 Andrew was activated for a year as the Lead Surface Warfare Planner for Commander Task Force 51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade forward deployed to Bahrain. During this deployment Andrew led surface coordination efforts during the crisis in the Bab-Al-Mandeb, when Huthi rebels were firing missiles at US and Coalition warships in the strategic choke-point. Andrew worked to ensure dozens of daily transits of merchant shipping was protected, defended, and the freedom of navigation was ensured for all friendly and neutral forces.

Andrew at Work



Andrew has experienced the daily impacts of the decisions made in Washington: He has led boarding teams against Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden and worked in support of operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. This has made Andrew acutely aware of how dysfunction in Washington can trickle down and affect real operations with real life and death consequences on the ground. Andrew has a fresh perspective on our continuing fight against terrorists and the governments that enable them.

Andrew experiences the daily impacts of the decisions made in Washington: The process of growing his own business showed Andrew the same challenges his parents faced as he grew up. To face those challenges, Andrew knows we need to restore a strong middle-class by promoting stable, well-paying jobs and supporting healthy consumer spending right at home in our local communities.