Andrew is running for US Congress to represent the 15th Congressional District as a Democrat. The 15th represents the eastern Tampa suburbs, the western Orlando suburbs, and the I-4 corridor of Lakeland and Plant City in between. Dennis Ross is the Republican incumbent.


It’s a district that voted for Senator Nelson (D-FL) last time he was on the ballot, as he will be again in 2018, and one of the most flippable districts in the state of Florida.


Dennis Ross, the incumbent, is a career politician with no major legislative accomplishments. He’s been in Congress for the last 8-years during a period of record dysfunction.  His chief action has been to lead Republican efforts in the house to take healthcare away from an estimated 72k of his own constituents.


In contrast, Andrew Learned is a young veteran Naval Officer of 8-years and 3-deployments to the Middle East. He owns a local learning center that helps kids catch up and get ahead in school. He lives in the district, grew up, in part, in the district, and knows how to work with others to accomplish a mission.


He’s a pragmatist who believes the best way to move the progressive agenda
forward is through bold ideas backed by untiring and unrelenting movement forward.


Dennis Ross has made a career of doing none of that.


“You know it’s the year, this is the place, and I’ll be your guy.” -Andrew

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