Fighting for Working Families

We have to find a way to work together to start solving our Nation’s problems again. I’ll be a part of a new generation of leaders heading to Washington in 2018 that will put aside the politics of the past and start finding ways to get things done.



-Create the jobs of tomorrow here at home

-Put service back in the heart of public service

-Feed the hungry, care for the sick, and treat people fairly


“The best way to move the progressive agenda forward is through bold ideas backed by an untiring, pragmatic, march towards progress.” – Andrew

Too many of the students I help get into great colleges are not coming back home. Why? Because the economic recovery of the last 10-years has gone disproportionately to big cities far away and the uber wealthy who aren’t from here.


We must invest in the jobs of tomorrow here at home. We cannot continue to look backwards and allow opportunities to literally drive right by. I’ll make sure we invest in education, infrastructure, and growth-industries to make the I-4 corridor a hub for development, innovation, and activity.


I’ll always prioritize working folks over corporate giants, Wall Street, and the insurance industry. There’s no excuse why it’s so hard for regular working folks, like you and I, to save and get ahead. If you work full-time hours you should be able to support a family here at home. PERIOD. I’ll make sure we make that goal priority #1.

I say it everywhere I go. We should feed the hungry, care for the sick, and treat people fairly.


These are the values I was raised under, they guide my decision-making processes, and I’ll continue to live by them as your representative in Congress.


Gone are the days where we’ll allow Polk County to be the second worst county in America for food-insecurity with no help from your Congressman. Gone are the days where our representative tries to harm sick people to give a 700 billion bailout to the richest 1%. And gone are the days where we use race, gender, sexual orientation, and all the other social wedge-issues to divide us. We are Americans, and we’re united in our goal of creating a better community for our kids and grandkids.

I served our country for 8-years as an officer in the US Navy including 3-deployments to the Middle East. It makes me sick to think how we, the richest, most diverse, and vibrant nation in the world is being held back by our own politics.


It has to stop; we’re better than this.


Send me to Washington and I’ll work with Democrats and Republicans alike to find ways to build bridges, not walls. Division, partisanship, and the politics of the past are not working; it’s time for a new generation of leadership in Washington committed to progress.

We will always be 3-days away from losing our healthcare with Dennis Ross continuing his unrelenting attacks. How about, instead of trying to dismantle our healthcare system with a sledgehammer, instead we work together to fix the problems? That’s the kind of leadership we need, and what I would work to bring home.


One thing is certain though, we have to address the underlying cost problems in healthcare. We cannot continue to spend two-times what the rest of the world pays and expect to be able to find an insurance solution to the problems.


On day one I would get to work protecting the ACA by fixing its problems. We should work to protect and expand Medicare which would lower insurance premiums for workers and employers alike. And we must leverage the power of our bulk-buying-power to negotiate better rates for pharmaceuticals and procedures.


Once we agree that we should not take from the sick to give even more to the richest 1%, we can finally fix this broken system.

If you don’t know, I own a neighborhood learning center and I see everyday the successes and failures of our local schools on the ground level.


Make no mistake about it, I am where I am because my parents worked tirelessly to make sure I always attended the best public school available. That schooling put me in position to earn a full-scholarship, paid for by the US Navy, to attend a great university. And the fact that I graduated debt-free is the only reason I was able to afford to start a business.


That should be a path available to ALL of our children. Education should be the great equalizer, not another tool to separate the hav’s from the have-nots.


The jobs of tomorrow demand a great education. We must invest more at all levels, including early childhood which statistics overwhelmingly prove direct correlation from increased investment to future productivity and career success. K-12, including pathways towards trades and high-paying local union jobs that are already in demand here at home. Higher-ed, and decreasing the staggering burden of debt we place on our youngest workers.


We can do better than this.

Let’s start looking forward and create an entirely new generation of high paying, local, careers combating the growing threat of climate change.


How is the Sunshine State only 13th in the nation for solar jobs, behind states like New Jersey? That’s unacceptable. We’re forfeiting our future to other states, and other countries, simply because our politicians are looking backward while the world moves onward.


We need to start preparing for increasingly powerful hurricanes, rising sea levels, and a plethora of other environmental threats. But just as important, we should be creating jobs, leveraging entrepreneurship and problem-solving, to find the solutions to those problem.

Let’s get serious, people should be treated fairly. PERIOD.