Candidates have two ways they can qualify to appear on the ballot. The first way is to pay a large fee of thousands of dollars or to have petitions signed by voters living in the district they wish to represent. Andrew decided that the best way forward for our campaign is to have petitions signed and meet his neighbors across District 15. If you want to see Andrew on the ballot and support his participation in the democratic primary in 2018, we invite you to print the attached petition and mail it to our campaign. The campaign needs 4,737 verified petitions, so yes, every single one matters! 

The steps are simple:

1. Please print the petition on a piece of white printer paper

2. Fill out all the boxes in the form 

3. Then, you can a) email us at to let us know you have a petition or petitions to pick up or b) meet us at an event (check our calendar!) or organize your own by clicking here and we can receive the petition then or c) mail the petition to us at 3433 Lithia Pinecrest Road, Suite 249, Valrico, FL 33596. 

Consider having other friends or family sign the petition as well.



Do I have to fill out all the sections?

Yes! If you leave any part unfilled then the petition cannot be counted and we don’t get any closer to beating Dennis Ross.

If I fill out a petition, does that mean I have to vote for Andrew?

No. While we are confident that we will earn your vote during the primary and the general election, signing the petition means you support democracy and agree Andrew should be on the ballot. It’s not a pledge to vote for Andrew, and it’s not a statement that you do not support other candidates.

Do I have to be a registered voter to sign the petition?

Yes! We encourage all eligible citizens who can register to vote to do so, and you must be registered to vote in District 15 if you want to sign the petition.

Do I need to be a registered Democrat to sign the petition?

No! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Independent, Republican or Green, anyone who can vote in District 15 can sign this petition.



Link to the petition! No need to change anything, it’s all ready to print